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[asterisk-biz] Kamailio Managed Cloud

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abalashov at evaristes...

PostPosted: Mon Apr 01, 2019 7:35 am    Post subject: [asterisk-biz] Kamailio Managed Cloud Reply with quote

For immediate release:

ATLANTA, GA (1 April 2019)--Following its long tradition of forward-thinking
innovation in open-source Real-Time Communications (RTC), the leadership of the
Kamailio SIP server project (formerly known as OpenSER) has launched the
Kamailio Managed Cloud (KMC).

Alex Balashov of Evariste Systems and Fred Posner of The Palner Group were
among several key North American stakeholders on hand to discuss it further.

As Posner told us, "Kamailio Managed Cloud is a new, best-of-breed managed
Kamailio hosting environment. We provide elasticity by leveraging human
capital. Using our patent-pending Orchestration Turk system, our managed cloud
technicians will purchase your SuperMicro bare-metal server, known as a KamBox,
drive to the data centre, and rack-and-stack it on demand -- all in response to
a SOAP API call! And when you want to remove your on-demand KamBox, just issue
a 'delete' operation and we will decommission the hardware -- live!"

"Dedicated KamBox colocation really puts the Management in Managed Cloud,"
emphasised Balashov.

"But that doesn't mean we keep the customer out of the loop. We are using the
most modern XMLHttpRequest and 'AJAX' techniques to provide a real-time
dashboard with KamBox status to all users, though it will not work with
Internet Explorer 6 -- we're addressing that."

"Anyway, there are numerous other cloud platforms out there, many of which rely
on virtualisation and automated orchestration and the like. It really takes the
human touch out of the equation and gives the short shrift to quality, while
also taking away jobs. And besides, how can a so-called 'virtual' machine be
truly carrier-grade?"

Kamailio Managed Cloud launched in two principal regions today -- US-EAST-1,
located in Jacksonville, Florida, USA, and EU-CENTRAL-1, based in the booming
tech hub of central Europe and birthplace of OpenSER: Berlin, Germany. Unnamed
sources tell us that strategic expansion is planned for several other regions,
including Flint, Michigan, USA.

The mechanics of Kamailio Managed Cloud have invited questions about how other
elastic cloud resources are managed, more especially elastic storage. According
to KMC senior management, storage is provided via a mechanism developed by
ASIPTO StorageWorks.

ASIPTO chief Daniel-Constantin Mierla was on hand at the KMC launch to explain:

"It's very easy. When a customer requests more space with a simple and
lightweight SOAP call with just a little custom XML namespaces, then depending
on the region, Fred or I receive an SMS on our smartphones from our advanced
PHP backend and drive to the data centre to insert another hard drive into one
of the KamBox's several drive bays.

We are using the latest in advanced mobile communications, SMS, to ensure
fastest response time. Of course our service level is comprehensive and
includes Managed Partition Table Labelling and Managed LVM Insertion. Also
there is optional Managed Filesystem Formatting for a complete portfolio of
managed services.

ASIPTO StorageWorks moves at the speed of global e-business. Just text us your
desired filesystem layout and partitioning scheme. It is really that easy!"

When asked about business focus, marketing turnaround veteran Henning
Westerholt, Executive Vice President of Business Development for KMC responded:

"Our target customer is a socially conscious Millennial-run corporation or
start-up who see value in the unique blend of managed services and an
artisanal, hand-crafted, organic approach that is compatible with social
justice and takes a people-centric view."

Asked to elaborate upon his vision of social justice, Westerholt added:

"Virtualisation, orchestration and auto-scaling take the people out of the
equation, and Kamailio is, in the end, about people, as communication in
general is about people. What would it be without the people?

Moreover, these mechanisms take away gainful opportunities from hard-working
university graduates. Kubernetes, Docker Swarm, VMWare, and KVM contravene the
social policy objective of full employment."

At press time, Posner, who also heads up KMC Labs North America, was said to be
lending his pioneering business vision and knack for seeing around technology
trend corners to intensive work on next-generation, bleeding-edge functionality
for KMC.

While Posner was tight-lipped about the specifics, he did state that the
'dispatcher' module is slated to be deprecated in favour of a "human
load-balancing approach to SIP requests that is both cloud-native and

Industry analysts agree that protocol-aware load-balancing strategies are
complicated and that the application of human judgment to the problem
represents a fertile field for dynamic innovation and investment.

Reports from regional press confirm that KMC Labs are in the process of
building a fullfilment centre for this innovative offering, said to be branded
"Central Switchboard", at an undisclosed site in Bangladesh, where thousands of
"Load Balance Operator" jobs have been advertised in and around the Dhaka

Alex Balashov | Principal | Evariste Systems LLC

Tel: +1-706-510-6800 / +1-800-250-5920 (toll-free)
Web: http://www.evaristesys.com/, http://www.csrpswitch.com/

-- Bandwidth and Colocation Provided by http://www.api-digital.com --

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