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[asterisk-users] sip.conf & realtime

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PostPosted: Wed Jan 02, 2008 9:09 pm    Post subject: [asterisk-users] sip.conf & realtime Reply with quote

At the moment in order to register you must use static configs in sip.conf. As far as the friend/peer etc. settings you can do that in sip.conf or in real time. You can also mix and match (use real time and static configuration).

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Subject: [asterisk-users] sip.conf & realtime
Hi -

I'm looking into realtime and I'm having a bit of a problem with the SIP part.

My review of the posts seems to indicate that I should use realtime static for the [general] part of my sip.conf including the registration commands:

register=><did>:<secret>@<domain>/<did context>

and use realtime realtime (funny name!) for peers and friends:


Is this correct? What's throwing me off is this statment found here:

NOTE: You can only store a static config OR a RealTime config. You cannot, for example, store sip.conf and use sipfriends via RealTime.

This would suggest that I'll have to do a reload when I add a DiD, but a reload won't be necessary if a new SIP client is added. Do I have it right?

Also, what's the difference between a peer and a user? I used to think that a "user" was an agent authorized to call in to my * box, a "peer" was an agent I could reach and a "freind" was both. What's throwing me off now is the statement found here:

With newer versions of Asterisk the concept of SIP 'users' will be phased out.

I can't understand this especially in the context of extconfig.conf that uses both a sipuser and sippeer entry. Could someone clarify for me?



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