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[Callweaver-users] Callweaver Project Status?

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tnelson at fudnet.net

PostPosted: Thu Apr 01, 2010 10:26 pm    Post subject: [Callweaver-users] Callweaver Project Status? Reply with quote

Hello all- **

A few weeks ago (maybe more) another user posted an inquiry about the
status of Callweaver development and the project as a whole.
Unfortunately, I don't believe there were any replies of substance to
the question. So, I'd like to pose the same inquiry...

What is the status of Callweaver? I see there has been progressive
development, or at least recent 'changesets' [1] to the codebase(stopped
Feb 14th, Valentines day related? Smile ), but a release has not been made
since nearly a year ago. Checking the milestones [2], the project seems
to be severely behind 'schedule'. While not a problem in and of itself,
it would be nice to know what the roadblocks are to the project's
development. Is it manpower, funding, equipment, etc?

I primarily use Callweaver in a T.38 fax role as I believe many others
do as well. The general 'rule' that appears to be floating around the
VoIP/open source telephony arena is "If you need a softswitch PBX, use
Asterisk unless you need good T.38 support integrated, then use
Callweaver.". Well, with Asterisk 1.6 and heavy development of T.38
support/compatibility, it appears Callweaver may be falling into less
and less relevance. While I understand there are more advantages[3] to
Callweaver than simply T.38 (cross platform support, timing dependency
changes, performance, virtualization operation), many others do not
understand this. I'd really hate to see a project like Callweaver die or
slip into 'unconsciousness'.

On a final note (to the devs), please accept my gratitude and thanks for
Callweaver. I use it extensively in my systems for both business,
personal, and development roles and your hard work is appreciated. I am
in no way trying to 'call you out' to get information on Callweaver.
This is not a "where are the lazy guys who aren't getting anything done
with Callweaver" type inquiry. I'm honestly looking for some insight
into the current status and depending on project needs, I may be able to
provide resources to help Callweaver along.


** - Crossposted to -users and -dev
[1] http://www.callweaver.org/changesets
[2] http://www.callweaver.org/milestones
[3] http://www.voip-info.org/wiki/view/OpenPBX.org%20FAQ
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