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[asterisk-biz] Announcing Enswitch 4.0

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PostPosted: Sun May 12, 2019 8:01 pm    Post subject: [asterisk-biz] Announcing Enswitch 4.0 Reply with quote

Integrics are pleased to announce version 4.0 of Enswitch, the most
feature-rich, most powerful, and most flexible solution for commercial
telephony services such as multi-tenant hosted PBX, residential ITSP,
toll-free, and number translation services.

In 4.0, we've completely redesigned the web interface to be more modern,
more flexible, and easier to use. 4.0 also includes many other new
features - see below. 4.0 is fully backwards compatible with older versions.

Enswitch provides full-featured telephony, billing, invoicing, a full
and highly configurable web interface for the system owner, resellers,
and customers, and a comprehensive API - all in a single highly scalable
and highly integrated solution. It's in production today with carriers
worldwide on systems from hundreds of users on single machines to over
200,000 users on large redundant clusters. It's also increasingly used
as a highly scalable PBX for those who need a system distributed across
many locations, or who need to bill departments or users.

More information, including a full list of features and a working demo
of the web interface, is at https://enswitch.com/


* The web interface has had a major redesign to be more modern, more
flexible, and easier to use.
* Context-sensitive help is included in the web interface.
* Shared line appearance (SLA) is supported.
* Complex call flows can be easily understood using an interactive
graphical call flow explorer.
* An LDAP server is available.


* Calls can be parked directly on a chosen parking slot.
* Parking slots can be shared across customers who have common routing
* Voicemail and fax notification emails can include a summary of the
mailbox contents.
* Forwarded voicemails and faxes record original destination.
* The system owner can edit the available voicemail and fax folders.
* Plugins can take parameters.


* Custom fields can be easily added to customers and telephone lines.
* Local CSS and image files can be administered within the web
interface, making it easier for resellers to implement their own branding.
* The web interface can have different templates per DNS domain.
* A copy can be made of a customer in a single action.
* Data in the customers table can be exported to a .csv file, and then
* Busy lamp buttons are validated, and rejected if invalid.
* The call history report can show calls to queues which have been
* Classes of service can be shared by the system owner.
* A report can be generated of all numbers and feature codes using a
time group.
* The call history report can link to an external VoIPmonitor report for
each call, making debugging call problems easier.


* Products can be sold to sub-customers, with resellers being able to
override prices.
* More flexible control over whether customers are liable for taxes by


* The Enswitch Client for Windows can optionally automatically update to
new versions.


* JSON API parameters and return values can be logged on the server side
for debugging. Password fields are obfuscated.
* Older data in logging tables can be automatically moved to an archive

Alistair Cunningham
+1 888 468 3111
+44 20 799 39 799

-- Bandwidth and Colocation Provided by http://www.api-digital.com --

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