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[asterisk-biz] Announcing Enswitch 4.2

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PostPosted: Mon Jun 07, 2021 9:41 am    Post subject: [asterisk-biz] Announcing Enswitch 4.2 Reply with quote

Integrics is pleased to announce version 4.2 of Enswitch, the most
feature-rich, most powerful, and most flexible solution for commercial
telephony services such as multi-tenant hosted PBX, residential ITSP,
toll-free, and number translation services.

Enswitch provides full-featured telephony, billing, invoicing, a full
and highly configurable web interface for the system owner, resellers,
and customers, and a comprehensive API - all in a single highly scalable
and highly integrated solution. It's in production today with carriers
worldwide on systems from hundreds of users on single machines to over
200,000 users on large redundant clusters. It's also increasingly used
as a highly scalable PBX for those who need a system distributed across
many locations, or who need to bill departments or users.

More information, including a full list of features and a working demo
of the web interface, is at https://enswitch.com/


* Highlights of 4.2

MMS support, with Bandwidth.com integration.
Matrix instant messaging server.
Inbound calls can be billed by callerid as well as called number.
Outbound calls can be routed and billed by callerid as well as
called number.
Experimental WebRTC softphone built into the web interface.

* Telephony

Asterisk 18 support.
Kamailio 5.4 support.
Alerts can be sent at the start of emergency calls.
Voicemails and call recordings can be transcribed using Google
speech recognition.
Call recordings can be stored in Amazon AWS.
The bulk dialler can be configured not to make calls if routing to
a busy or unavailable telephone line, hunt group, or queue.
Experimental PJSIP support.

* Web interface and administration

Importing users is more flexible, with fewer required fields.
Users can be created with "auto" as their allowed source IP address.
Messages can be forwarded between shared customers.
Music can be shared with resellers.
Outbound calls can be transferred in the control panel.
Normal users can be given permission to view all users' calls in
the control panel.
The ticket system supports attachments.
The ticket system can be configured to accept ticket updates by email.
Bulk change of telephone lines can update more fields.
The web interface provides a visual hint of which fields have been
The web interface more gracefully handles inaccessible API and web

* Clients

A new Microsoft Outlook plugin to click-to-call for Outlook contacts.

* APIs

Queue events are sent to the events notification system.

* Provisioning

Provisioning of buttons on telephone handsets is more flexible.
The provisioning templates for Yealink handsets have been updated.

* System management

Logging can be done to a remote syslog server.
Optional Redis caching of database lookups.

Alistair Cunningham
+1 888 468 3111
+44 20 799 39 799

-- Bandwidth and Colocation Provided by http://www.api-digital.com --

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