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[asterisk-biz] Announcing Enswitch 4.1

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 19, 2020 10:24 pm    Post subject: [asterisk-biz] Announcing Enswitch 4.1 Reply with quote

Integrics are pleased to announce version 4.1 of Enswitch, the most feature-rich, most powerful, and most flexible solution for commercial telephony services such as multi-tenant hosted PBX, residential ITSP, toll-free, and number translation services.

Enswitch provides full-featured telephony, billing, invoicing, a full and highly configurable web interface for the system owner, resellers, and customers, and a comprehensive API - all in a single highly scalable and highly integrated solution. It's in production today with carriers worldwide on systems from hundreds of users on single machines to over 200,000 users on large redundant clusters. It's also increasingly used as a highly scalable PBX for those who need a system distributed across many locations, or who need to bill departments or users.

More information, including a full list of features and a working demo of the web interface, is at https://enswitch.com/


  • Speech recognition for IVR menus and dial by name.
  • Calls that have already been answered can be picked up.
  • Queues can play the expected wait time.
  • Hunt groups can have separate destinations for all busy or all unregistered.
  • Ordinary users can change their callerid if allowed.
  • Individual telephone lines can have DTMF transfers enabled or disabled.
  • Handsets can monitor multiple mailboxes for MWI.
  • Call recordings can be paused and resumed via DTMF and SIP INFO.
  • Confirmation emails of outbound faxes can be sent, showing the status of the sent fax.
  • Time groups can be shared with sub-customers.
  • Rate plan routing exceptions can route on callerid.
  • Individual peer costs can allow or disallow least cost routing.
  • Provisioning returns an HTTP 404 error if the MAC address is not found.
  • Provisioning can have a password in the URL.
  • Extra debug logging for ask web URL, MWI, busy lamps, and text messages.

Web interface and administration
  • The add user wizard can be used without creating a person.
  • Users' passwords are always encrypted.
  • Passwords must be seven characters or longer by default.
  • Users are locked out after six incorrect passwords by default.
  • Usernames can be forbidden in users' and telephone lines' passwords.
  • Passwords can be validated against an external validation service.
  • Credit card details are hidden on the web after saving them.
  • Non-error messages on the web interface are now pop-ups that disappear after a short time.
  • The control panel is faster and places less load on the database server when used by many users.
  • Call costs can be hidden if billing is not configured.
  • Inbound groups can be searched for specific numbers.
  • The call history can show either calls or call legs.
  • Ordinary users can see all the legs of a call in the call history if to or from a telephone line they own.
  • The call history can be filtered on non-internal calls.
  • Charges can be filtered on a variety of fields.
  • Individual DNS domains can allow or disallow signup.
  • Audit log data can be exported.

Billing and payments
  • Credit card verification numbers are never stored.
  • Credit card details are removed from customers' accounts when changing their billing type to none.
  • Credit card details are not included by default in customer exports.
  • Updates to customers' credit cards can be pulled from Authorize.net, ensuring their credit cards never expire.

  • The JSON API can accept token authentication, speeding it up and reducing load on the database server.

System management
  • Individual Asterisk machines can be set to audio, video, or both.
  • Logging can be flexibly configured to log to arbitrary files, or syslogd, in any desired format.
Alistair Cunningham
+1 888 468 3111
+44 20 799 39 799
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