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[asterisk-biz] QueueMetrics 20.11 released today

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 11, 2020 10:15 am    Post subject: [asterisk-biz] QueueMetrics 20.11 released today Reply with quote

Loway SA, a leading provider of solutions for call-centers based on
Asterisk PBX technology, is glad to announce the immediate
availability of the new version of its contact-centre monitoring and
reporting suite QueueMetrics.

QueueMetrics collects data from your PBX and lets you track agent
productivity, payrolls, targets, conversion rates, ACD, IVR, Music on
hold; generates outbound campaign statistics with realtime monitoring,
customizable wallboards and custom reports for more than 200 different

It simplifies agents daily workflow using a dedicated agent interface
with messages and alarms, integrates with all modern CRMs like Vtiger
or Salesforce, includes a WebRTC softphone and a complete quality
tracking tool.

“QueueMetrics 20.11 is our largest update ever; in total, it took one
year of work for our developers team, with 250 change requests filed
and about one thousand code commits. It represents a major step
forward in terms of usability on mobile devices, with a more intuitive
interface and easier remote working experience.” said Lorenzo
Emilitri, founder of Loway.

Release 20.11 focuses on the all-new Home and Report pages, making it
easier to analyze data from any device you want to use and empowering
remote workers.

The new home page is clearer and easier to navigate, as it groups all
items into Information Boxes. Each user can decide what she wants to
see, arrange boxes to best fit the workflow and search for any item
directly from the page.

The Home Page and all of the suite is now responsive and works on
devices of all sizes, so you can use it from the browser of your PC,
from a tablet or a mobile phone if you are on the go or just working
from home.

The new reports are much more flexible and fully interactive, so you
can change any condition - time period, queues, filters, settings and
what is on the screen will be updated in real-time.

QueueMetrics now supports themes; you can choose between a "classic"
look and a new dark theme. Theme and graph colors have been selected
to be effective even for users with reduced color vision. This new
themes feature also make it possible to have a custom OEM version of
the software for resellers and VOIP providers who need it.

For more information about QueueMetrics 20.11 visit the release notes
page at manuals.loway.ch/QM_WhatsNew and watch the video introduction
QueueMetrics 20.11.

QueueMetrics 20.11 supports Asterisk 18, as well as any previous
Asterisk version and all major distributions and appliances like
FreePBX, Issabel, Grandstream, Yeastar PBX and more. It is available
as QueueMetrics-Live cloud hosted service or On-Premise software
package with localization for 23 distinct languages, including the
recent addition of Turkish.

For a full featured 30 days QueueMetrics trial, visit the official
product site https://www.queuemetrics.com.
Loway - home of QueueMetrics - http://queuemetrics.com
Try the WombatDialer auto-dialer @ http://wombatdialer.com

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