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[asterisk-biz] Phase III clinical trials of Kamailio DMQ

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abalashov at evaristes...

PostPosted: Wed Mar 31, 2021 11:45 pm    Post subject: [asterisk-biz] Phase III clinical trials of Kamailio DMQ Reply with quote

For immediate release:

GAINESVILLE, Florida (1 April 2021)--Evariste Systems, in partnership with
Posner | Palner Pharmaceuticals, are pleased to announce the eagerly
anticipated start of Phase III clinical trials of Kamailio DMQ module

In this stage of the investigation of the promising replication scheme,
was developed in record time, DMQ will be tested in a rigourous,
controlled CI/CD process for large-scale efficacy and continually
monitored for
safety in shorter and longer terms.

The now-concluded second phase established basic safety and Phase 2b
entailed a
dose-finding study for the optimal number of batched `dmq_usrloc`
contacts per
kilogram of cloud computing resource.

The main cohort of the main sequence of the Phase III trial will enroll 380
randomly selected, statistically representative Floridian SIP registrars and
5700 SIP dialogs, also in the state of Florida. When asked about the
in the number of registrars versus dialogs, Alex Balashov of Evariste
said, "It
is reflective of the small number of SIP registrars in Florida; not to be
indelicate, but consider the median age of the population."

As previously remarked upon in proceedings of the World SIP Organisation
the choice of Florida as a venue attracted some questions. We asked Fred
of Posner | Palner about the clinical background informing this choice of
replication study cohort:

"Florida is a good place to find eventual consistency failures; the open
climate and reluctance to accept traditional data integrity science
would have
sealed the deal, but when people started to drink bleach here, I saw an

Evariste and Posner | Palner are aiming for a US Food & Drug
Administration EUA
(Emergency Use Authorisation) for DMQ replication as a prophylactic data
redundancy and failover measure to ward off the development of moderate to
severe viral Sonus Haemorrhagic Fever symptoms.

Phase II studies have painted a promising a picture of the DMQ
ability to reduce moderate to severe symptoms and associated 28-day
by more than 90%, albeit over a small sample size and in enterprise patients
with known pre-existing comorbidities such as Session Border Controller and
BroadSoft Multi-System Inflammatory Syndrome. Phase III trials seek to
quantums of broader efficacy, including efficacy for localised outbreaks of
small to medium business softswitch.

Of the control group, Balashov said, "They will receive a standard
pipe-to-/dev/null placebo protocol, but with identical '200 OK' confirmation
messages. We proudly developed this approach in early 2020 in
consultation with
the highest levels of the Trump presidential administration; it is called
TENP, or 'The Emperor's New Potion.' It is a successor to that
previous approved placebo protocol, SHTI - Small Hands, Tremendous

Despite speculative autism and packet fragmentation claims by Florida
Ron DeSantis, Balashov was quick to provide reassurance about side
effects from
DMQ in the Phase III trial.

"The incidence of severe allergies to plain-text UDP was within standard
deviation over the mean for all insecure replication, and there's
support for
other transports on the way. Anyway, we have a robust adverse effects
system in our issue tracker and solid surveillance. Don't let partisan
dissuade you from allowing request lines with the KDMQ method."

Other industry sources have reported that DMQ is not the only replication
investigation undertaken by Evariste and Posner | Palner, although it is
the only
prophylactic suitable for the early infection development and inflammatory
phases of a broad class of SBC-complex syndromes typically afflicting
providers. A recent IETF preprint by the same authors has shown high-quality
preliminary data suggesting statistically significant improvement in
outcomes from Perimeta and Nokia via a later-stage therapeutic intervention
with a monoclonal, monorepo Github cocktail administered intravenously.

Alex Balashov | Principal | Evariste Systems LLC

Tel: +1-706-510-6800 / +1-800-250-5920 (toll-free)
Web: http://www.evaristesys.com/, http://www.csrpswitch.com/

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